DSD, based in Cologne, Germany, is the pioneer and market leader in take-back recycling systems in Germany. Since 1991, DSD has provided nationwide collection and processing of used packaging materials like glass bottles, yoghurt cups, or beverage cartons. The Company manages a "dual system" that co-operates with and works in parallel to municipal waste collection. As part of the business model, DSD resells the obtained raw materials on the open market, forming a closed-loop recycling system and making DSD one of Europe's largest raw materials trading companies.

DSD benefits from very high brand recognition in Europe, as all packaging material that DSD recycles features its "Der Grüne Punkt" logo (the green dot), which is printed on more than 460 billion packages annually. In 2010, DSD generated revenues of over €600 million.

For more information visit: http://www.gruener-punkt.de/?L=1